Board and Batten

This popular and classic style is achieved by applying a strip of wood or other material to a surface in different configurations to add visual interest. Often seen on beach or country homes, this look is beautiful!

Shake Siding

Shake siding dates back to the early days of Colonial America. This enduring style is attractive and functional as it helps dispel rain and snow from your home's exterior. It can be used in combination with traditional siding for a classy look.

Traditional Siding

Traditional siding can be installed with vinyl, aluminum, cement fiber, wood or steel. Easily combined with other styles to add visual interest to any home. Soffit and facia add the finishing touch and keep out unwanted debris, disguising ventilation.


Combinations of wood, steel, stone or other siding materials create a unique and flattering look. The design possibilities are endless and products come in an array of colors and substrates. Custom siding options are available.